Window Not Working?

Window Not Working?

Contact us for professional auto glass repairs in Nicholson, Scranton, and Tunkhannock, PA

When it starts raining, no one enjoys the frustration of not being able to get your window up. Sometimes, it’s due to the electrical motor failing. It can also be the regulator. BJTN Auto Glass will repair and replace the mechanisms that make your window go up and down. Call our auto glass shop at 570-357-6257 today to get your window working like it should.

3 signs you need to replace the regulator

If you’re pressing your automatic window button and things aren’t working the way they should, contact BJTN Auto Glass. Signs your regulator will need to be replaced include:

  1. The window won’t go up or down
  2. The window moves up or down at an angle
  3. The window has fallen into the door

Your repairs will be done quickly and efficiently, using high-quality materials. Contact BJTN Auto Glass when you need regulator repairs in the Nicholson, Scranton, and Tunkhannock, PA area.